Assembling a Zebra

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What you will get:

Zebra bockig

Download the model sheet here

Please print on 80-100g stock. The model is not suitable for heavier stock.

Most parts are self-explanatory. This is how the other parts work:

Glue the upper and lower half of the tongue together (leave out the uncolored parts). Stick through the muzzle and glue to the back of the head.


Afterwards assemble the head.

The neck should be glued together at the marked spots.


Afterwards close all flaps and glue the neck together.


Then glue the head to the neck.

Hals und Kopf

and cut the mane's fringes.

It's easier when you cut the tail's fringes before assembling it.


When all parts are assembled, combine them: start by glueing the legs to the zebra's body. Then add the neck and head in about this position:

Kopf Hals Körper

Finally add the small parts: ears and the tail.


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